12 Best Special Needs Apps of 2012 – Special Education.

These apps look great. I have used Dragon Dictation and it does work very well. I will have to explore the others.


This is the program we sent Rob to. The Arches program was wonderful.


Copper Hills Youth Center

5899 West Rivendell Drive

West Jordan, UT 84088

801-561-3377 800-776-7116


Copper Hills Youth Center is a 126-bed private adolescent residential treatment center for teenagers 12 – 17 years of age. Programs and services offered include: boys residential treatment, girls residential treatment, day treatment and Arches – a program for individuals with Asperger syndrome.

via Autism Residential Programs | Utah Parent Center.


Tag ‘Tool Kits Page’ | Autism Speaks.

The Autism Speaks website has a page of “toolkits” that you can download for free that provides help and resources for autistics and their families on a variety of issues!

I especially recommend the one on challenging behaviors, but I can’t seem to link to it directly. So follow the above link and scroll down the web page until you find the toolkit on challenging behaviors.

Almost half of kids with autism are bullied, study shows – HealthPop – CBS News.

I found that my son’s school tended to dismiss my complaints because it didn’t happen in front of the teachers, until I insisted upon him having an aide to accompany him in all unstructured activities: lunch, recess, the bus. And sure enough, she reported that the other kids provoked him until he would lose it, and then HE would get in trouble: they verbally taunted, teased, and bullied him. And sometimes they physically bullied him too.

But the steps we took to stop the bullying isolated him. He rode the short bus, had an aide at recess, and ate lunch in the special ed room or the library. The problem was the other kids, but Rob was the one who had to adapt. And then he got teased for being a “retard” who had to ride the short bus, etc. It still makes my blood boil!!

1 in 3 autistic young adults lack jobs, education –

I guess Rob is doing better than many young adults with autism: he has completed some college courses in digital arts, and had several paying jobs. He just has trouble keeping jobs, and difficulty finishing school. After a few short stints at hourly wage jobs, he is about to start training for a job that is actually a salaried position with benefits; he really hopes he can keep this one, but still refuses to work closely with a life coach to help that happen. So we’ll see.

He has said that he sees working with a job coach as like being in special education. He wants to be normal. I keep trying to tell him that even NT people often need the help of a job coach to succeed. Anybody out there with some experience in this regard they want to share?

The May family copes with four boys’ autism as a team –

Wow, four boys, all on the spectrum! That sounds very overwhelming, but they seem to make it work.

There is a series on BBC Two about autism that looks fabulous. Sometimes video links from the BBC won’t play here in America, but if you can play it, it looks really good.

BBC Two – Louis Theroux, Louis Theroux – Extreme Love, Autism.


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