January 2014

New chair design might be a help to kids with autism.


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SALT LAKE CITY — On Monday morning a special donation from a company called Safco came to Spectrum Academy, a school that teaches children with autism.

Cheering children welcomed in 18 Runtz chairs into their classroom. The chairs help students control their wiggles.

Jacqueline Whitaker has been teaching children with autism at Spectrum Academy for four years. She knows that it’s not always easy to get the kids to sit still.

“They have a hard time sitting, staying in their seat, staying on task because of their vestibular needs,” Whitaker said. “Their need for balance and knowing where they are in space.”

Last September Brian Culley, vice president of Office Products Dealer, bought one of these chairs for his son with autism. He noticed a significant difference – and encouraged spectrum academy to give the chairs a try.

“These chairs really stabilize them and get them more…

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This is a really interesting idea, and seems as if it would be very appealing. 


Researchers believe they have developed a psychological technique that improves the mental wellbeing of children with autism – through an activity that invents tiny characters the kids can then imagine are in their heads helping them out with their thoughts.

via ‘Wellbeing improved’ if children with autism recruit imaginary helpers – Medical News Today.