November 2013

Autism Risk for Siblings Higher Than Expected –

Parents who have a child with autism have about a 1 in 5 chance of having a second child with autism, a far greater risk than previously believed, new research shows.


The findings, published in the journal Pediatrics, are significant because they come from the largest study to date focusing on the risks of autism among siblings.



A Baby\’s Gaze May Signal Autism, Study Finds –

This is something I noticed early in Rob: he did not gaze into my eyes while nursing like his sister had. And I remember realizing it when, one time while nursing,  he sat up,  looked at me intently in the eyes, put his hand on my cheek; than laid back down and began nursing again. I was shocked, thinking “What was THAT!” because it seemed so strange. That’s when I realized part of what made it strange is that he engaged in very little eye contact otherwise.