AFP: Nearly half of autistic kids wander from safety: study.

Rob did this frequently , and we had great difficulty keeping him safe. And he continued to be a runner until he hit puberty. He wandered off from school. He left a boy scout meeting and caused a huge fuss. When he was a toddler he would manage to escape from the house and bolt to the park across the street and chase pigeons. One night in a hotel when he was a preschooler he left the room in the middle of the night and wandered down to the lobby to see the goldfish pond. He went through a phase in early grade school where he left the house in the middle of the night to run around the block with the dog, because he couldn’t sleep. My husband and I had to start taking turns sleeping across his bedroom doorway to keep him inside. If we locked his bedroom door he climbed out the window. I had to keep an eagle eye on him in stores and in public places lest he decide to take off. As a parent, you develop a hyper-vigilance that never lets you relax, and for years we did not get a good night’s sleep.