Almost half of kids with autism are bullied, study shows – HealthPop – CBS News.

I found that my son’s school tended to dismiss my complaints because it didn’t happen in front of the teachers, until I insisted upon him having an aide to accompany him in all unstructured activities: lunch, recess, the bus. And sure enough, she reported that the other kids provoked him until he would lose it, and then HE would get in trouble: they verbally taunted, teased, and bullied him. And sometimes they physically bullied him too.

But the steps we took to stop the bullying isolated him. He rode the short bus, had an aide at recess, and ate lunch in the special ed room or the library. The problem was the other kids, but Rob was the one who had to adapt. And then he got teased for being a “retard” who had to ride the short bus, etc. It still makes my blood boil!!