August 2012

We are currently searching for interventions that can help Rob keep a job. We have heard that working with a job coach is one such intervention; but Rob has to be willing to work with a job coach; and then he has to be willing to do what the job coach suggests. Both have been issues so far. Rob steadfastly refuses to identify as AS at work, which both job coaches we have employed have suggested that he do. He is also resisting identifying as AS at school.

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Google “vocational interventions for young adults with autism” and you’ll get more than 200,000 results. But a new study finds there’s little science to backup the efficacy of current methods used to help young adults with these neurodevelopmental disorders segue into the workforce.

“There’s startlingly little information on the best ways to help adolescents and adults with autism achieve their maximum potential in the workplace and across the board,” says lead study author Julie Lounds Taylor.

Taylor and her colleagues at Vanderbilt University sifted through more than 4,500 studies that made reference to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and therapies and found only 32 studies published between January 1980 and December 2011 that met their basic criteria, including having at least 20 study participants between the ages of 13 and 30.

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The average Icelandic father today at the time of conception is about 33 years old; much older than in the past. The authors explained that epidemiological studies carried out in Iceland have demonstrated that schizophrenia or autism risk in offspring is considerable greater the older the father is.


Rise In Autism Rates Partly Due To Older Fathers.

Since men are waiting to have children until much later in life, this may explain the rise in autism cases. Rob’s father was 31 when Rob was conceived; my father was the same age when he conceived my brother (AS and bipolar).

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I’ve been wondering whether EMDR would be an appropriate therapy for Rob (or for myself, for that matter). Dr. Shipiro almost makes it sounds as if it is a panacea for every disorder, which makes me a little suspicious.

Ask About A.D.H.D., Asperger’s and Driving –

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Well, Rob has quit another job, a call center job, because the hours were too strenuous (he has sleep issues that magnify stress, and this job began at 6AM. I think he could have coped if the job had later hours). I keep encouraging him to identify as AS and ask for reasonable accommodation (as per the ADA regulations), but he resists. I discovered yesterday that he is intimidated by the process, so I’m doing some research here. This link provides some helpful information:
Accommodation and Compliance Series: Employees with Asperger Syndrome  Accommodation Ideas.