Vitals – Obese moms may be more likely to have autistic child, study suggests.

Researchers found that the risk of autism increased by nearly 70 percent when moms were obese during their pregnancies, while the risk of a having a baby with some other neurodevelopmental disorder doubled, according to the study published early online Monday in Pediatrics . . . He noted that U.S. autism rates have increased along with obesity rates and said the research suggests that may be more than a coincidence.


I gained more weight with Rob than I did for my firstborn daughter, Joy. It was especially pronounced at the end of the pregnancy, when I suddenly put on ten pounds in a week. They did a gestational diabetes test, which showed that I was borderline. Rob was 10 lbs 10.5 oz at birth, but did not lose any of that weight afterward.

If this is a factor, then why is autism also associated with low-birthweight babies?