It has been suggested that children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are especially vulnerable to bullying. The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is now sharing initial results of a national survey on the bullying experiences of children on the autism spectrum. Our findings show that children with ASD are bullied at a very high rate, and are also often intentionally “triggered” into meltdowns or aggressive outbursts by ill-intentioned peers.

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Rob was definitely bullied in school, and he was also intentionally “triggered” by other students: a fact I had a hard time convincing his teachers of until I insisted that he be “shadowed” by an aide on the playground and in the lunchroom. Sure enough! the aide confirmed what I had suspected. Rob was taunted and bullied until he exploded, and then HE was the one who was disciplined for the outburst. If you suspect your spectrum child is being bullied at school, you must INSIST on having him/her shadowed by an aide in unstructured situations.