Rob has cycled through 8 jobs in the past 18 months, and all of them ended badly. But now he has a job that is NOT in food service, that he can do well, that is an entry-level position in his field of graphic design! He has been there a month and so far, so good; he is working for a small shop that designs and prints promotional items. He is busy, and has to work with customers, but is not having to multitask or deal with high volume customer demands, nor with the smelly/messy aspects of food service. The shop is small and run by a couple that seem to like him; he gets to do very basic design (not challenging but will train him to get his speed up); and he also is getting trained to open and close the shop, etc.

This is a huge blessing, so I pray he is able to keep the job long-term.Excellent work!!!!