The NYTimes is noting the age of many of the celebrants last night: young adults who were children when 9/11 happened. It was the defining moment of their generation; and now they finally get some closure. Indeed, my children are both jubilant; My daughter (age 25) had to suppress a sob when she heard the news; my son (age 20) thinks the news rocks. While those of us who are older may have more mixed feelings about Bin Laden’s death, it is important to also view this event through the eyes of the generation most traumatized by Bin Laden’s actions. Nothing in my life made me more angry than 9/11, in part because I saw the fear and confusion in my children’s faces. It is the role of the government to protect its citizens, and today I think many young people finally feel some safety and release. Yes they realize it’s symbolic; yes they realize that terrorism doesn’t end with the death of Bin Laden. But on a very core level, they may finally feel that an imbalance in the universe has been corrected.