I have finally heard from Rob in Japan. “My classes are fine, my classmates are fun, and my host family is nice.”  End of update. One sentence.

It took me emailing him and giving him a template to fill in to get him to tell me that much. I think he wants to be independent and sort of forget about life at home during his trip. That hurts me, because I love him so much and wish he would share his experiences with us. But that is part of growing up, I guess. He is just a little more callous about it than a NT kid would be, I think.

But then, that’s life with an Asperger’s kid. I have to remind myself to take what he can give, and not expect him to give more than he can. I was watching some old Star Trek episodes yesterday, and Rob reminds me of Spock, and how infuriating his unemotional logic was to the humans around him. But the character grew and learned to love in his own way. That’s my hope for Rob.