I am studying for my Ph.D. comprehensive exams, which are in late April/early May, so I have been really busy.  I have had some health issues as well, which has been distracting. Rob is doing well; his current job seems to be working out very well, and so far his school seems to be going fine too.  Joy is stressed about school, as usual, because she has taken a very heavy load, as usual. She is trying to figure out what to do next year; her scholarship money is over, but she still has a year to go if she wants to finish her 3 degrees! If she graduates this spring she will only finish one. But she doesn’t want to go into debt, so we are trying to do some creative thinking here….She always takes way too many credits, and to finish she will have to take 21 per semester next year, so working part-time is out during the school year. A summer job might pay tuition, and she may move home to save on living expenses next year, but it will still be tight.

Anyway, that’s all the news for now.