Yes, Rob now has  job #4. Job #3 didn’t work out – they told him “his best wasn’t good enough.” I think mainly it is because it was a very fast-paced environment, with a drive thru as well as a busy walk-in service. Rob couldn’t handle the multi-tasking quickly and accurately enough. So now he has a new job at a slower restaurant.  I think this is a better fit – there is no drive thru, it is not high volume, and you stay with each customer all the way through the sale. Hopefully he will be able to keep this job. With the economy the way it is, any job is a godsend, but this one pays pretty well, too.

His driving has improved substantially. He got a speeding ticket and had to go to driving school. I think that finally got his attention. He realizes any more tickets go on his record. So now he seems to be driving very responsibly. That’s a relief!

He is now enrolled full-time at the local community college in his graphic arts program. He is doing fine so far. He got As last semester in his 2 classes.