And I’m scared to death…..Lord, please put LOTS of angels around that car.  Thank You that I have this worry – I know they are many parents of an autistic child who would love to be in my place right now – so I’m grateful.  But you know me…always have to worry about something. Keep him safe.

Anyway, his “new” car is a ’95 Toyota Avalon. It is a really pretty pale blue color, and in good condition. It doesn’t get the best gas milage, but there wasn’t much choice for what he could afford to pay. And it has low miles for its age. We are paying his insurance and upkeep, and he is paying for gas.  So for the first time, we don’t have to drive him to and from work. Now both of my kids are independent travelers. Yipee!!

Now we just have to find another car for Joy (her car was stolen a month ago, and we finally got the insuance money).