I’m not prudish about using plain terms for physical intimacy with my husband – but I’ve noticed that I get a lot more icky spam if I use plain terms in either email or blog posts, so forgive the euphemism. Anyway, I had read that hysterectomy can really affect a woman’s response, so I was a little nervous. It did feel a little different, and I did not climax, but that is sometimes a problem for me anyway if I am tense. I was a little worried about whether the surgery site would be tender, but it felt fine. So I think everything will be OK.

My blood work shows that I am indeed in menopause (no surprise), so my doctor recommended hormome replacement therapy (HRT). I am still having some trouble sleeping, so I thought I might try it — but when I picked up the prescription and read the insert, I was scared to death by all the warnings and possible side effects. So I think I will stick with the estovan and minerals for now – and do some more research.