Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I had a computer meltdown and ended up buying a mac. Then I have had all sorts of nightmares transfering my stuff over from my now-defunct windows machine. But hopefully I’m back on track….


So the big news is that Rob has saved enough to buy a used car. We told him that we would match what he saved, so he is going car shopping with his dad sometime this week. In typical Rob fashion, he doesn’t want to be bothered with the process. He just wants his dad to buy the car for him. But we think it is a good idea for Rob to be walked through the process so he learns about how to buy a car. Rob just wants to have the car, and will probably want to buy the first one he sees to get it over with. His dad will not want that, so I forsee a potential problem. We’ll see how it goes.

We are starting to see Rob make some poor decisions at times. The other day he left his wallet on the bus. He called his dad to see if we would take care of calling the bank to cancel the debit card. But Rob didn’t want to do it himself; he just wanted to keep on with his planned activities. If we had not done it for him, he would have let it go until the next day. That could have been disastrous. Fortunately, someone actually turned in the wallet intact. But we had already cancelled the card. Now Rob does not want to carry a card. He wants to go on an all-cash basis. Which is probably wise, but inconvenient, since we have to withdraw cash for him.  But he does not want to be bothered with keeping track of his balance, etc. This could be a problem in the future. He wants to be independent, but he will need to be willing to be responsible for things like this. Or maybe that is expecting too much? We are trying to figure this out a step at a time.