AGE OF AUTISM: The Autism File Magazine Now in Bookstores!.

I saw this magazine in Borders today. I sat down and skimmed through the current issue. There is an article about the appalling, inhumane treatment of autistic children in some second and third world countries. There were photos of children chained to their beds, emaciated and injured. It broke my heart, made me nauseated, and very very discouraged. I had not thought before of the treatment of autistic persons as a human rights issue. But it is. These children are warehoused and neglected–or even abused and tortured–due to superstition, cultural ideas of shame, and unstable political and social conditions.I guess that is what might have happened to kids here a century ago – or even 50 years ago.

As frustrating as the situation is here in America, at least we have access to health care, treatment options, and education.

I think I have a new crusade. I don’t know how I can help….but I’ll find out how.  I know that autistic kids in Mexico are also poorly treated (anyone with disabilities, actually) and that is close to home; so maybe that’s the place to start.