My doctor said the healing looked good – just a little unhealed spot left, which she cauterized. Then she told me I could resume my normal activities (except to wait 5 more days before sex to give the unhealed spot time to heal). So I went bike riding!!! Yay!  And I can start back at my gym.

I told her about the trouble I’ve had sleeping (can’t get comfortable and feel hot all the time), so she ordered blood work to check my hormone levels. I don’t have those results back. But I did some web searches and found these suggestions and folk remedies:

1) restless legs can result from mineral deficiencies – so I started taking a Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement, and a multivitamin with iron and B-vitamins. That has really seemed to help. I also started taking Estovan (a vitamin/herbal supplement for menopausal women).

2) some sites recommended drinking some tonic water before bed – the quinine in it is supposed to help restless legs. I tried it one night, but it didn’t really seem to help. Some people swear by it. I worry because quinine can have bad side effects. So I stopped drinking the tonic water (plus it tastes really icky).

3) folk wisdom: put an unwrapped bar of ivory soap between the sheets. I tried it: didn’t work. Oh well.

4) I put a cool pack in my pillowcase at night to help cool me off. It helps.

5) I also used a heating pad if my legs were achy. That also seemed to help.

6) tylenol PM helps if your legs are achy. So does stretching before bed.

So I’ve gone from 3-4 hours of sleep a night to alternating between 8-10 hours one night and 3-4 the next. I think my sleep is stablizing, though. Once I start exercising regularly I think I’ll be good. It will be interesting to see what the blood work says about my hormone levels. They left the ovaries intact, so I should still be producing some estrogen. Keep checking back: I’ll keep you posted…..