Rob’s new job as a grill cook seems to be going well. So does his community college class in graphic design, which he says is easy. My husband is actually taking the same class, and he agrees that it is very easy so far. Rob is working about 30 hours/week, and easing into school. It is nice that he has a job on campus. One of the best benefits is that he will no longer have to work on holidays – if there is no school, the grill will be closed. That means he will be off on Thanksgiving weekend, and for Christmas break. And he had Labor Day off. Yay! 🙂

Rob has been taking private driving lessons, and of course we are letting him drive us around. He is actually doing pretty well. I wasn’t sure how he would do at driving. My twin brother, who is high-functioning, didn’t manage to pass a driver’s test until he was thirty years old. But when he finally did, it was because he worked extensively with a private driving instructor. Rob actually seems to drive very well. He has passed the driving test given by the private instructor, so he could officially get his license any day. But we are taking it slowly. He is saving for a car. We will pay his insurance, and he will pay for his gas. When he starts driving his own car without us, I’m sure I will be a nervous wreck. But I was with my daughter, too. It’s part of being a mom.