I just found this on my Google reader. It sounds like a good program – sort of like the stories I’ve read about autistic children being fascinated with Thomas the Tank Engine…..


The Transporters – a unique Government-backed DVD to help children with Autism recognise emotions to go on sale world-wide

A groundbreaking teaching resource to help children with autism make sense of the world around them is to be marketed internationally, following great success in the UK.

The Transporters, a DVD that uses a unique combination of real actors’ faces and 3D computer-generated settings, was originally available to parents in the UK free as part of the DCMS funded Culture Online programme.

But its runaway success, with 40,000 copies already distributed, means it can now go on sale across the English-speaking world, with the prospect of translation into other languages in the future. Many families in the UK and living abroad were unable to get the DVD first time round and this, along with pressure from parents of recently diagnosed children who are desperate for help, created a demand which the makers are keen to address. A substantial share of profits from sales will go to autism charities and to research other scientifically validated ways to help children with autism spectrum conditions.

The DVD pack, together with information about the underlying research is available from a special website launched this week: http://www.thetransporters.com.

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