This article about guinea pigs as pets for autistic/AS kids reminds me of the pets we’ve had for Rob over the years.


Furry rodents seemed to be the most successful pets for Rob. Hamsters and Guinea Pigs worked well. Rabbits did not – they are too shy. Rob would get frustrated if they hopped away from him, and his chasing them only made them more skittish. Rabbits can also be aggressive – they will bite and kick when frightened or cornered.

“Pepper” and “Blaze”

Dogs and cats have not worked well with Rob. His behavior can be too erratic – and thus the animals tended to avoid him, which would make Rob angry and frustrated. Also, dog barking hurts his ears and really annoys him. Dogs can also be invasive and smelly. (I know other people have had good success with dogs – I am only reporting our particular experiences). We never had a Lab, though – they are supposed to be very calm.  Now that he is older, Rob has managed to tolerate our pom-chi, but she tends to avoid him as much as possible.