I am pretty much restricted to my bedroom while I recover from surgery. Rob had been gone all day and then spent most of last evening in his room. So I asked my husband if he would tell Rob I missed him, and ask him to come spend a little time with me.  The next thing I know, my huge 6’3″ son is sprawling on the bed next to me. The rules of engagement with him are: 1) don’t ask him too many questions 2) don’t touch him.  But surprisingly, when I asked him about his day, he did tell me a fairly detailed description of his activities that day. He and his friend went to the local rec center for a martial arts class, and then took the bus to the mall to go to Barnes and Nobles to read books and hang out. They went to the used bookstore, where Rob found a video game that is hard to get, so he bought it. Then he came home and had been playing it. He told me about the game, and then asked if I “wanted to see something cool.” So he got my laptop and we settled on the bed, where we watched an animated short film done by an animator “from scratch.”  He sat behind me and rested his head on my shoulder, which was a nice form of touching. Rob has watched this video many times, so he was able to narrate to me as it went along. It was a pretty impressive piece of work. Rob wants to be able to do work like that, so it was fun to share something together that he is excited about, although the video consisted of battle scenes between characters from different video games. Then he said goodnight and kissed me on the nose, which he does not normally do. I think he is being sweet because I am recovering from surgery. That made me very happy!