In two days I am having a total hysterectomy.  I have spent the past week in a frenzy of what I would call nesting – except that there is no baby birdie coming. In fact, since I’m having all the reproductive parts removed, perhaps I should call it anti-nesting?? I am so glad to get rid of my uterus, I am tempted to call it a party!


Anyway, I’ve been cleaning, and getting organized, because I will be out of it for a few weeks after the surgery – and then school starts in late August and I have to be ready to teach. I will be a T.A. for  the first half of the British literature survey at our local university. I taught the same course last fall, and I really enjoy it. The course covers English literature from Beowulf to Paradise Lost. So I’m getting the heavy lifting done now – organizing books and files and papers, getting my office in order. And of course, I just returned from a 2-week trip to the U.K. a few weeks ago, so I have also been catching up on laundry, and getting my closet re-organized, etc.  I’m also a musician, and my music area has been a mess, so I’m trying to get that set up as well, so I can just use the instruments without moving or lifting them.

I have a few projects in mind for my recuperation time:

  1. scrapbook the souvenirs from the UK trip – I have all the supplies ready
  2. prepare my course website – fairly easy – I’ll just copy last year’s site
  3. write more in this blog
  4. oh yeah…read like crazy for my exams….
  5. cross-stitch
  6. spend time with my daughter before she moves into her apartment!! (There’s a lot of blog entries to come!)