Although I did not start this blog with the intent to have it be about autism, that seems to be all the traffic that is coming so far. I have an autistic child, age 18; therefore I have a lot of perspective about what it is like to raise a child with autism/AS.  I can also speak to the situation from a Christian perspective. I know how much a diagnosis like this takes over your life as a parent, consumes your family, and shapes your identity.  I am glad to write about autism, but part of the reason I started this blog is to show that my life is about more than just being the parent of an autistic child. This is partially a reaction to the years when my life was completely consumed.  This is necessary, especially when your child is young, and all you are doing is therapy, and educating yourself, and your child’s school, and trying to cope, and trying to get funding for therapies.  But I want this blog to be helpful and encouraging as well, so if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about, drop me a comment. Thanks!!!